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In a perfect world there’s plenty of time for everyone to exercise. There are no late office hours, no exam time, no candy shop in your neighborhood. Well, this might not be the perfect world for staying fit, but reaching your goal for a healthier and fitter you has never been easier! Look no further than the palm of your hand.

We are so excited to introduce our brand new app, idoo, which we’ve been working on for almost a year.

6 Creative Uses for Tablets


When people think of tablets, they usually think of e-readers and gaming devices. What you may not realize is that those aren't the only things a tablet can do. With the portability of small, hand-held devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, your tablet can an amazing tool. Here are six creative uses for your tablet.

Top 11 Android Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals


Going by the latest survey, the burgeoning number of smartphones sales across the globe gives you a clear impression that it is no longer a luxury to own a smartphone, as it is all set to be an integral part of our lives and everything related to it including healthcare.

We all are aware about the crucial role mobile applications play in streamlining the everyday activities and making every tools available at our fingertips. Mobile application for doctors and those related to the healthcare sector can be a big boon as it will help resource useful information from medical journals and textbooks, to revolutionizing the way health care is bestowed and the approach in which ailments and diseases are diagnosed.

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