Beware of the Facebook App

So we have known for some time now that Facebook is a huge lover of people’s data, they have often been slated in the past for taking data belonging to people and sharing it with people who shouldn’t have access to it however today on a Google Hangout with Geek.com’s very own Russell Holly, CyanogenMod legend’s Steve Kondik and Koushik Dutta it was revealed that Facebook are doing more than they should be permitted to (in theory).

So what are they doing then? Well it seems that just by downloading the app Facebook are uploading your phone number to their servers REGARDLESS of whether or not you have logged in to the app.

Who is more social? (Android vs. iOS)

android vs iosStartApp.com, a mobile monetization and distribution platform released a really interesting infographic. It is a comparison of the sociability aspects between the Android operating system and iOS. Lets see:

Facebook Employees Being Forced to Use Android App to Speed Up a Fix

facebook app

Facebook has been one of the worst when it comes to app development on any platform although the worst is Android. Facebook is now forcing its employees to use the Android mobile Facebook app in an effort to speed up the process of getting a fast, reliable app developed. Their iOS app was just updated yesterday and seems to at least be tolerable at the moment so it seems their focus is Android.

Facebook Takes a Tip From Blackberry

facebook messenger

For those of you that have used a Blackberry and used Blackberry messenger remember how you could see if someone had read the messages you’d sent and just hadn’t bothered to reply? Well now it would seem Facebook has taken a liking to this idea also with their most recent Messenger update.

Facebook App Updated To Version 1.9.2 – Say Goodbye To Messenger And Camera Shortcuts

1You may remember the recent Facebook update that added two rather controversial app shortcuts on users' devices, with icons that had to be revised because they looked a little too similar to a couple of Android's stock icons.
If you found the added shortcuts to be redundant, confusing, or just plain useless, you're in luck - with the app's latest update, the shortcuts have been totally removed.

[Video] Watch Jon Stewart Give His Take On Google's Project Glass And Rip Up Facebook's Purchase Of Instagram On The Daily Show

daily showThis is rather fitting given the fact that the official Daily Show app hit the Play Store earlier today. Jon Stewart talks about Google's Project Glass (turns out that this is actually old technology), Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, and then he gets school on why Instagram is so cool.

Enough banter, the video speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion, Facebook's Largest Acquisition Ever

instagram facebookBreak out your Dr. Evil jokes, if you've got any left. Facebook just announced that it will be acquiring Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app and recent addition to the Play Store family, for a cool billion dollars. You read that right. With a "b". Billion. To answer all the critics who were wondering what's so cool about Instagram: a billion dollars.

Redditor Creates Mock-Up Of Facebook For ICS, We Can Only Drool

facebookFacebook’s current Android app has become the subject of much hatred from the Android community – for one thing, it rarely works properly (if at all); for another, its looks have become quite stale. Sadly, we still haven’t seen any plans for future improvements, so Redditor monkfishbandana took it upon himself to come up with a mock-up of how he believes Facebook for Android should look, especially with a beautiful OS like Ice Cream Sandwich. Facebook developers, take note:

Facebook rolls out another Android app update (1.8.1)


Facebook has issued another update to their Android application today, putting v1.8.1 on the streets barely a week after its last update. Normally such a quick followup like this results in a bug fix, security enhancement or something minor. That's not the case here as there are a number of features with this version. Check 'em out!

Facebook is most used Android app

Nielsen have found that, after the Android Market, Facebook is the most used app (How else will people download it?). This is among people aged 18 to 44, so therefore covers a large array of ages.


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