Gold For Android Developers: Add AOSP Source Code To Eclipse With The "Android Sources" Plugin

aospAs an Android developer, the first thing I do when I set up Eclipse with ADT on a new machine is hunt down the Android source for the API level I'm working on.

Developers should understand what I'm talking about, but for the rest of you - this priceless little addition to our development process means whenever we want to see just what exactly Android is doing at a certain point in our programs, we can actually take a peek.
In fact, I oftentimes gain more insight into how the code works (or why mine doesn't work) from looking at the source than from reading documentation. Go try that with iOS...

Eclipse + Android SDK bugs and workarounds, common mistakes

If you have already used Eclipse with Android SDK, you probably have some experience with known and unknown bugs. I'd like to show you some of these, and help you how to solve them.
First of all, if you got the following message from the running Emulator, except that the process is your Project, then you have to open up DDMS.
You can find DDMS button in the upper-right corner of Eclipse. Once you are in DDMS, Select your running Emulator from the left, and see what is happening by Clicking on LogCat tab (bottom of the screen).
Scroll all the way down, then start scrolling upwards, until red-colored lines show up. Probably you have NullPointer Exception or something like that, so I can't help you on that one, but I try my best to solve some other problems that you may have had.
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