Transparent Jeans for easy mobile usage

Yes, I kid you not. Transparent jeans. When you don’t want to go to the trouble of pulling out your favorite plaything, you need a pair of Delta415 Wearcom jeans. They’re not completely transparent of course, but they do have a transparent pocket that allows access to your touchscreen phone without removing it. Your handset can be covered with a zipped piece of cloth when not in use.

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Root Pretty Much All Phones in 4 Easy Steps

rootWe all love a rooted phone right? Sometimes the rooting it strikes the fear of god into some and when they see some of the instructions they simply panic and decide “sod that!”. Thanks to the team over at UnlockRoot you can now root your handset in just 3 simple steps.

After some digging i found that unlockroot indeed uses code of burritoroot 1.0.0 application,which is a closed source.Only the code to root kindlefire is closed source in UNLOCKROOT,till the author of unlockroot updates the version,this post is striked off .Also there have been reports at twitter that the application has been detected as a malware by f-secure antivirus.

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