Google releases new Maps API for Android developers

Google announced an update to the Google Maps API which gives developers a better, more comprehensive set of tools to integrate maps into Android apps. It will be easier than ever to insert vector-based maps into applications, according to Google.

Android Asset Studio updated

helloandroidDevelopers will be happy that the much-loved Android Asset Studio has been updated by Roman Nurik, and brings a much-needed update.

The new features include:

Finally Developers are going to be able to reply to Google Play comments

Google have announced that Developers are getting the ability to reply to Google Play comments.

For now only Top Developers are getting the ability to do this which means that the systems are in place, however this is not a commitment for developers to actually reply to comments (aka, don’t expect a reply from Facebook for Android).

Evernote opens up 2nd annual Devcup competition


I doubt there's any developer (or any one, for that matter) that wouldn't mind some extra money. To that end, I present to you Evernote's second annual Devcup competition, put together by Evernote to encourage brainstorming and development using Evernote's own API, with $100,000 in prizes available.

Google Pushes Source Code Of Android 4.0.4 (IMM76D) Into AOSP

aospSource code for Android 4.0.4 (AOSP tag android-4.0.4_r1.1), the latest incremental update with "a few hundred changes over 4.0.3," is being pushed to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) as we speak by JBQ, one of AOSP's main sourcerers (yes, I just made that word up).
This is excellent news for any ROM developers compiling their ROMs from AOSP (such as CyanogenMod) - chances are 4.0.4-based ROMs will start appearing very soon, maybe even tonight. Oh, and, of course, it's even more excellent news for custom ROM users (raise you hands).

Earlier today, official 4.0.4 updates got pushed out to the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi and the GSM Nexus S. Hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot more of these official updates in the coming days - JBQ has only given us the standard disclaimer:

[Press] StartApp: Four Months, 10 Million Downloads, $200,000 Paid to Android Developers


The First Mobile Search Monetization Solution Sees Incredible Growth Following the Launch of Its Platform that Provides a Guaranteed Revenue Stream for Developers

December 20, 2011 - StartApp, a monetization and distribution platform for Android applications, announces today that its platform has been incorporated into over 450 Android apps. These apps, featuring StartApp's search option, have been downloaded 10 million times in just four months since launch. Additionally, the company is seeing rapidly increasing download numbers which have recently hit 300,000 downloads per day.

Just How Much Did Google's 10 Billion App Promotion Help Included Developers?

appsFollowing up on last week's editorial, I decided it may be interesting to take a look at the other side of the story – that is, what effect has Google's 10 Billion App promotion had on the developers who were invited to participate?

To begin with, I think it would be wise to take a look at just how developers were invited, and how Google ran the promotion overall. We've heard from a handful of developers about this, so we've got a pretty clear picture of how things went.

Flurry: Developers still supporting iOS three times more than Android

Flurry blames Google Checkout/Wallet as a chief reason for why developers are not making iOS-like money.


Android developers are funny! :)

In the New Android 2.2 Froyo API: has been added.
It stands for "What a terrible failure", what a coincidence... :)

By the way, has anyone tried the command ./adb lolcat instead of ./adb logcat?

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