Is Google’s new app policy just a bunch of lip service?


Remember early this month when Google advised they would be taking a more proactive approach to removing shoddy or spammy apps? Designed to keep the the Google Play Store a little cleaner and more user friendly, this was to be Google’s way of getting in the way of those apps that violate the new terms of service. Executed properly, it would go a long way toward user satisfaction and keep us from seeing look-alike apps or titles with intrusive ads.

Google updates developer policies with eye on consumer satisfaction

Google more definitively spells out what is and isn't allowed within Android apps in Google Play.

android developer

Google has made some adjustments to their Android developer policies and has begun sending out notifications via email. If you're an Android developer yourself then chances are you might have seen this email by now.

[Video] Android Developer Gold: Multi-Configuration Editing, Along With Numerous New Improvements, Coming Soon To Android Developers' Tools

1The Android developers' tools team, headed by the usual suspects Xavier Ducrohet and Tor Norbye, led a session at I/O 2012 today dedicated to improvements and new features coming to the tools devs use to make apps - ADT for Eclipse and SDK Tools.

Everything they showed took around an hour of nonstop talking, arm flailing, and cracking jokes about the French, but among all the new goodies one prominently stood out - multi-configuration editing. The developer in me got incredibly excited and wished this tool was available years ago, because the potential time savings it brings are immense.

Foursquare Announces Connected Apps For Android - Develop Apps That Run Inside Foursquare

foursquare_logoLike most services, Foursquare has long had a developer API that allows users to plug Foursquare data into other apps. Now that idea is evolving with Foursquare's new Connected App Platform. With Connected Apps, developers can build their app or service into Foursquare - essentially, apps will run within Foursquare to enable new kinds of user experiences.

Tag Games 24 hour game developer challenge Live Stream


Our friends at TagGames are celebrating their 6th anniversary today.
To mark the occasion, they are hosting their annual 24hour Game Jam where teams battle it out to create the best game possible in only 24 hours. This year they are going even further than before however, because, in a world first for any mobile games studio, they will be airing a series of video podcasts alongside the usual live blogging of the event!
Each show will aim to open their doors to the world and offer the opportunity for fans and friends to get involved with the creative process.

Google Releasing Platform Developer Kit To Manufacturers Before Major New Android Versions - Are Speedier Updates On The Way?

1Android has become somewhat infamous for slow (almost unbearably so) updates for users of pretty much any non-Nexus device. In fact, when Jelly Bean was announced earlier yesterday, the first thought on some users' minds was that their handsets haven't even tasted Ice Cream Sandwich yet.

Google is well aware of this issue, though - last year, it made an attempt (albeit a feeble one) to solve the problem with the Android Alliance. I think we all know how that turned out.


'StandOut' Is An Open Source Library That App Developers Can Use To Build Floating Apps

1Between AirCalc, AirTerm, OverSkreen, and LilyPad HD one this is certain: we love floating apps. And by "we," I mean basically every Android user in existence who multitasks with their device. These apps are insanely useful, especially on large-screened devices like tablets.
What we need, though, is more of them. Now, thanks to a new open source library called StandOut, it's going to be easier than ever for developers to create floating apps.

How to do Smooth Signatures like Square

The Square application allows for you to sign for payments, and it appears to work very smoothly and your signature comes out all smooth and nice looking, and they’ve also published a post on how to do these yourselves (almost) in your apps, which is useful if you need anything that needs singing!


Because We May – Coalition Of Game Developers Set To Offer Deep Discounts In Celebration Of Pricing Freedom

1From May 24th to June 1st, a boatload of your favorite Android games will be going on sale in celebration of pricing freedom. Because We May, a coalition of game developers that is "preparing for launch," announced the sale recently, explaining that the purpose of the sale is to "celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing."

[Developers] Responsive mobile design in practice

Android UI Engineer Kirill Grouchnikov has posted his slides from his AnDevCon III talk in responsive mobile design (for Android of course!) and putting that into practice on the Google Play Store app (even showing some of the layouts in use in the real app).

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