Google working on Android-based game console

Google is in the process of developing an Android-based gaming console, reports the Wall Street Journal. Presumably tied to the Google Play Games announced at Google I/O, the console is said to be one of multiple pieces of hardware slated for Google’s roadmap. The others? An Android-based smartwatch and a successor to 2012′s Nexus Q.

How the Android Ouya console may revolutionize gaming

Whether you are an avid or casual gamer, one console you may have heard about is the Android Ouya. With a tentative release date of June of this year, the Ouya is a fully functional console which will be powered solely on the Android platform. Founded by Julie Uhrman, this system will represent the first major shift for the mobile tech giant into the market which has long been dominated by systems such as Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii. Sporting an impressive lineup of Android games and applications, and with a price tag of just $100, the Ouya has indeed been a major topic in the gaming industry as of late. There are a few key characteristics of this console which could potentially make it a revolutionary product in the market. One in particular is its user-friendly hardware design which allows users to easily perform customizations.

An update on OUYA’s exciting Android-based console project: Success!

ouya console

A month ago we wrote on a Kickstarter project called OUYA, an innovative gaming platform designed to bring gamers back to the more family & multiplayer-oriented television. At the time we had expressed our hope that the project flourished, and we're happy to say that our hope was answered; within one day the project had garnered $2 million in support, over double the $950,000 goal they had hoped to achieve in a full month.

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