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Carrier-IQ responds to Sen. Franken who is still concerned

frankenWe’ve reported numerous times about the Carrier-IQ saga in the U.S., and how Senator Al Franken had issued a formal request that the “analytics” company respond to allegations of invasion of privacy. Sen. Franken received the response from Carrier-IQ and the carriers he had queried, and here is his response:

Carrier IQ issues 19 page document detailing usage


Carrier IQ Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. Wikileaks Founder Reveals That Smartphones Can Be Easily Hacked

spy-files_thumbCarrier IQ is bad news. We have spent much ink covering and debating the maliciousness of this pre-installed service which hides itself in the background of some Android devices, collects user information, and then sends it back to carriers. However according to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Carrier IQ is just the tip of the iceberg as most smartphones can be hacked remotely "with ease." At a recent speech, Assange stated point blank that anyone with an iPhone, BlackBerry or Gmail account was "screwed." While Assange didn't mention Android by name in his introductory speech, our favorite operating system is indeed referenced in some Wikileaks' reports. No OS is ever truly safe after all.

Are Carriers Illegally Tapping your Android Phone?

Carrier IQ Rootkit is logging everything you do on your Android phone from hitting the home button to sending a text to the contents of the text. This Carrier IQ which is being masked as a performance monitoring software for smartphones could be illegally tapping your every move.


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