3 Reasons Why Companies Need To Have Mobile Marketing Campaigns

mobile marketing

Would you believe there are still companies out there that haven’t adopted mobile marketing strategies?

That may sound like a surprise to some people, while others will nod their heads knowingly. It isn’t that companies don’t want to reach out to as many consumers as they can with their marketing campaign. The problem with mobile marketing for some companies is two-fold.

[Press]Disney and Conservation International to Raise Awareness for Fresh Water Initiative

‘Every Duck Counts’ Awareness Campaign launches with $50,000 donation from Disney

wmwJanuary 19, 2012 (Arlington, VA) – Conservation International (CI) today announced the launch of a new awareness raising effort with Disney using the free versions of the popular game Where’s My Water? as a fun way to educate users about the value of fresh water. For the ‘Every Duck Counts’ campaign, Disney Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund will make a generous donation of $50,000. The game will educate users about the value of fresh water in a fun and unique way by encouraging players to collect as many ducks as possible within the game to raise awareness for the accessibility of clean water and its importance on a global scale.

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