[Video] Bugzi 3.0 update released, promo and tutorial videos included

bugzillaBugzi is the result of mixing Android and Bugzilla. His duty is to give a hand to developers in remote work. If you use Bugzilla and have an Android device check out the app! You can sort and filter bugs, or you can file a new one while being away. Maybe reassigning is the fastest way to solve a problem, when you are not there with your team.

Version 3.0 was released in February, and the next version is on the way.
Bugzi has a Lite and a Pro edition. Lite is read only, but you can edit, file and comment bugs with the Pro. Checking out is highly recommended for Bugzilla user developers.

Bugzi 3.0.0 released!

We have just released, the 3.0.0 version of Bugzi, our Bugzilla client for Android. With the help of your valuable user feedback, we've managed to add popular new features, and fix important bugs.

The most significant changes in this version are:

  • worktime data is available in the bugdetail to view and edit
  • bugdetail screen is redesigned, pages are available with swiping instead of tabs
  • bug comments can be sent in togethger with any other bug change
  • much more detailed error messages, so you can know if the account data and server address you entered is invalid, or Bugzi is incompatible with the server or exactly which field is incorrect in your custom query or bug update request
  • buglist are sortable in custom order
  • you can quick access bugs by bug id or quicksearch them by summary
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