Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the HTC One X


If you have to have the latest and greatest Android OS and own an HTC One X you can install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your HTC One X. There are some great features that have been added with Android 4.1 on the One X like the improved notification bar, offline voice recognition, updated Google search and performance improvements due to Google’s new “Project Butter”. Its all around a smoother Android experience.

HTC Adds Bootloader Unlock Support For More Devices - Desire Z, Aria, Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2, Status, And ChaCha

unlockIf you didn't know, HTC has promised to provide bootloader unlock support for all devices released after September of 2011 as well as many others released before, and they have been keeping good on that promise with added support for many devices over the last few months.
They're still going strong, and added several more devices to the list earlier today.


How to Unlock the Galaxy Nexus Bootloader

nexusWith the release of the Galaxy Nexus today so are the instructions to unlock it’s bootloader. You don’t need to hack the bootloader to unlock it all you have to do is follow some rather simple instructions. The method below requires a Windows based PC and the Android SDK but should prove to be easy for almost anyone.

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