BlackBerry Consumers Switching to iPhone

blackberry trade-inOur friends at just sent us their latest survey data, showing the diminishing loyalty of BlackBerry consumers in 2014.

Android powers 4 out of 5 smartphones around globe, 63% of these are Samsung

android kingWe Android fans take pride when we say that “Android is king of all the mobile OS” and now another report is out which tells us that Android is conquering the world of smartphones as out of 4 out of 5 smartphones are powered by Android. International Data Corp (IDC) reported that around 211.6 million Android smartphones were shipped in the third quarter this year, grabbing a market share of whopping 81%, that’s a huge increase of 51% year-on-year.

Facebook Takes a Tip From Blackberry

facebook messenger

For those of you that have used a Blackberry and used Blackberry messenger remember how you could see if someone had read the messages you’d sent and just hadn’t bothered to reply? Well now it would seem Facebook has taken a liking to this idea also with their most recent Messenger update.

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