BitTorrent Sync App for Android launched in Beta

BitTorrent have released a beta of their Android app for syncing on their sync service. The main service went live as an alpha in April.

The technology is based on Peer-to-peer technology as we know the generic bittorrent network is built on top of. This offering is completely private and secured end-to-end, and most of the time your data will not even touch their servers as it will sync via your local network if possible.

New “BitTorrent Certified” Android TV

Most people that have at least a beginner knowledge of file-sharing have used a torrent site to get TV shows or movies for free. And most of the major torrent websites like EZTV and The Pirate Bay have shown that its going to take a lot to shut them down in this day and age. With this being said there has been a “BBK BitTorrent Certified Box” show up that is around the size of a Mac Mini.

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