battery life

How about a battery that lasts 5 times longer and charges in 5 minutes?


If there’s one smartphone feature that most people would like to see improve, it would be battery-life. With most handsets struggling to last out the day and new technologies such as LTE using even more power, battery life has never been so important.

Google Maps Update Improves Battery Life


Google Maps has been updated to increase battery performance for latitude and location history users and a few bug fixes. Since Google Maps is the primary app that most users use for gps and other location services its nice to see these types of updates. While only a few updates to the app its always good to increase battery life and decrease its burn by even a little.

Top Best and Proven Tips to Increase Android Battery Life

batteryFor some smart phone users, every day is a battle to maintain the battery life of your device long enough to get home and recharge it. However, this is not a particularly convenient way to live your life. You might wonder if there are any ways to increase battery life and not have to worry about whether you will be able to make calls by the time you are on your way home from work. If you have an Android-based smart phone, there are some ways to help you do just that.

Samsung Joins The Fight Against Short Battery Life, Promises 2012 Phone Will Be All-Day Strong For Most Users

samsungAs smartphones get larger, more vibrant displays, faster CPUs, 4G LTE network connectivity, and more features, there is one area where they still always fall short: battery life. In fact, most modern smartphones lack the ability to last a full day of regular, moderate usage without requiring some additional juice.

Extending battery life

I'm going to tell you guys how to extend your smartphone's battery life with some simple step.
Besides you can follow some usual method & tips like this one:

You can try running your battery down to 1% or even until the phone turns off like every single time.

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