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10 Things You Can Do With a Smartphone [Infographic]

If you ever wondered how smart can be a phone, here are 10 of the smartest things you can do with your device. Do you have other ideas too? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

Google’s Niantic Labs releases location-based game Ingress


Google’s Niantic Labs has launched its latest application, a location-based/augmented-reality game called Ingress. Available as a beta-only game at this time, it is inspired by geocaching and looks to split the world into two factions. See, there’s this strange energy force that is found all over the world and, depending on your view, needs to be stopped or spread. Are you part of the Resistance or the Enlightened?

Video, details, and links after the break!

Amazon’s Flow blends barcode scanning, QR codes, and augmented reality shopping

Why look up a CD on Amazon when you can scan it from your phone and purchase in a matter of seconds?


Amazon subsidiary today announced that they've released Flow for Android. Blending barcode scanning with augmented reality, the app lets shoppers scan common items such as DVDs, CDs, video games, and toys and see product details, pricing, and more. While it's not the first or only barcode scanning app available for Android, it's much more fun than simply handing things off to a Google search.

[Video] Stuntmen Just Jumped Out Of An Airplane, Biked Across Rooftops And Rappelled Down Buildings To Introduce Google Glass

google_glassWe've been hearing things about Google Glass, the Google-powered eyeball accessory, for a while now. While the device isn't quite ready for consumers (and won't be for a while), we got an extensive look at what these devices can do... right after Google-hired stuntmen jumped out of an airplane while on a Glass-based Hangout, then proceeded to bike across rooftops, rappel down the side of the Moscone Conference Center, and finally bike into the I/O keynote to deliver the device on stage to Sergey Brin. This is the first product announcement in recent memory where someone could have feasibly died during a demo. Bad-ass.

Wikitude voted Best Augmented Reality Browser 2011

wikiAs 2011 comes to a close, Wikitude was announced the “Best Augmented Reality Browser” in 2011 by the readers of Augmented Planet today. This is a great triumph for Wikitude as the AR platform holds this title for the third year in a row.

Introducing Layar for developers

For those who haven't heard about Layar:
Layar is a mobile app for discovering information about the world around you. Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Augmented reality technology enables the enhancement of real world objects with digital information, and Layar’s make this accessible for everyone. Layers on the Layar platform include various types of engaging experiences, complete with interactive and immersive features like 3D objects and animation. Location-based layers help users to find nearby locations, including cafés, shops and other businesses, as well as historical locations and monuments.
The Layar Browser available for Android and iPhone devices.
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