Turn Your Android Device into a Wireless Storage Device (Droid NAS)

1Droid NAS can turn your Android device into a wireless storage device assuming you use a MAC or other Android device to access it. Having to find a micro USB cable to plug your Android device into a computer is just a hassle. Even with applications like Dropbox and, while helping to make things easier still doesn’t make it as easy as it could be. Now Droid NAS makes wireless storage easy and accessible. is Creating a Community Around Mobile App Ideas

1For the first time, smartphone users themselves can be directly involved in picking what apps they see in the marketplace. During the first three weeks of each month (that's now!), app ideas are submitted to At the end of the month, in "voting week," all of the users come together to vote, comment, and decide what app is best. The winning idea wins some major cash. This is social app development.

VideofyMe & Tumblr Announce #Videofymyfashion Challenge

videofymeVideofyme, the new social video blogging app has just announced a partnership with Tumblr to bring bloggers and fashionistas together in the first-ever #videofymyfashion video challenge.

This challenge is an international search for the top trendsetters in fashion who can capture their best summer fashion moments using the VideofyMe app.

Final Fantasy III Now Fighting Dragons On Android - For $16

1Final Fantasy III, whose previously old-school fanbase has become somewhat more mobile over the past few years, has made it to the final frontier of smartphone/tablet gaming at long last: the Play Store. The game is available now - but before you get too excited, take a good, hard look at that $16 price tag.

Pinterest For Android Will Probably Be Announced At Google I/O

pinterestPinterest, everybody's favorite...umm...thing. That you share stuff on. By pinning things to...okay, look I don't really understand Pinterest. But some of you guys do and that's great! I love it when people enjoy things! It makes them happy! And soon, you can enjoy Pinterest on Android! And be happy! Then you can pin your happiness to something. I think.

BlinxBox releases its first Box

BlinxBox, a groundbreaking new-media start-up located in the hub of Tel-Aviv is unveiling its first Box catering to Instagram lovers using Android devices.
The company has been working in stealth mode for the last 12 months, developing a new media consumption tool called “Box”. The micro TV-like window streams images, videos and social feeds directly to the user’s mobile desktop without having to launch an app or access a browser.


Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises for Android released this summer

dark knight rises

With all the hype around the upcoming Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises", it really comes as no surprise that we're seeing a game released on mobile platform to go along with it. Warner Brothers and Gameloft have teamed up with DC Comics, and they will be bringing the official game of the movie to our beloved Android devices.

Foursquare Version 5.0 Hits The Play Store, Gets Rebuilt From The Ground Up

1Foursquare's mobile app hit the big five-point-oh today, with a brand new overhaul that's so comprehensive, the What's New section on the Play Store gave up and said "Go check it out for yourself!" The app has gotten a whole new ICS-styled look, which just looks fantastic. In addition, the app has revamped the "Explore" tab that allows you to see what's around you, encouraging more discovery, instead of mindlessly checking in whenever you happen to go to Starbucks.

Foursquare is clearly looking to engage users more with the update, as the maps section shows. You can now see your friends' locations overlaid on a map that also highlights points of interest in your area. You can search by category like before, or simply see what's interesting around you. You can also find deals from Foursquare-friendly vendors.

Carmageddon to crash your Android device this summer


Those of you who grew up playing PC games in the late 90's and early 2000's will no doubt recall the "points for pedestrians" series of games called Carmageddon. The cartoonishly violent games which had players purposefully driving around and crashing into random folks was a pretty big deal when it was first released. Now, the developers (Stainless Games) have announced that they will revive the original classic title and release it on Android and iOS later this summer.

Halfbrick celebrates two years of Fruit Ninja with impressive stats

You'd be surprised to learn just how much fruit you slice on a daily basis.


Australian developer Halfbrick is celebrating two years of Fruit Ninja today and has some pretty admirable figures to share with everyone. As of today there have been more than 300 million Fruit Ninja players around the world who have logge more than 1.5 trillion (with a 'T") pieces of fruit chopped.

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