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In a perfect world there’s plenty of time for everyone to exercise. There are no late office hours, no exam time, no candy shop in your neighborhood. Well, this might not be the perfect world for staying fit, but reaching your goal for a healthier and fitter you has never been easier! Look no further than the palm of your hand.

We are so excited to introduce our brand new app, idoo, which we’ve been working on for almost a year.

Hadur (Lord of War) – New multiplayer game for Android

hadurThe hungarian developer team Synthesis-Net just released their brand new multiplayer conquer game for Android. The developers combined the Foursquare-like „check-in” apps with location based strategy games. In this app you can conquer the territories, by checking in via gps, so it’s uses your real location for the gameplay.

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6 Apps That Will Turn Your Android into the Ultimate Study Buddy

Modern technology is an amazing thing. Even the most basic and common technology available to us today is considerably more sophisticated than the top tech just a few decades ago. Consider that it is only within the last 100 years that we have had electronic calculators – Einstein had to do all his maths by hand.

There are lots of ways that technology today is transforming the way that we think about learning and education. For example, the classroom resources that children have access to today, such as iPads and smart screens, make even abstract learning interactive in a way that it couldn’t possibly have been before.

Top Parental Control Apps in Android to Monitor Children’s Internet Use

parental control apps

The online world is increasingly dangerous for young children. From screen time to inappropriate content to malicious hackers, there are plenty of ways kids can get into trouble without knowing it. In the modern age, it is completely necessary to monitor your kid’s internet use and time on screens.

Luckily there are many options to do so. A good place to start is a parental control app that allow you to monitor the sites you children have been on, how long they spend on screens, and set limits to what they can see. These apps are a great way to make sure your kids are safe, here are the reasons you should use them and a few options to try out.

Android Apps for Smart Job Searchers

Finding a new job isn't always easy, but the task is simpler when you have a toolbox full of apps designed to help you move your career forward. Discover four Android apps to make your job search easier.

ApksDrop - A market for quality Android apps

ApksDrop is a market of free quality apps for Android. It offers a selected group of thousands of apps hand picked by their staff. You can directly download its APK so it can be used as an alternative to Google Play.

apksdrop app marketplace image

Appsdrop - The way to find quality apps

appsdrop app iconAppsDrop is a free Android app whose focus is to help users to install only good apps.

It is like a quality filter for Google Play. Google Play is not a bad search engine, but it provide so many results that it is difficult to compare them to find the best ones. Appsdrop doesn't have millions of apps; just the best ones according to their editors. This way is easy to discover and download interesting apps.

I Will – The career test app

I Will career test app promo image

Have you ever had the feeling you don’t like your job? Or if you don’t know where to start to build up your career? Maybe you didn’t learn the right profession at school. A career advisor can help you, but it costs a fortune, but luckily there’s a new app which can help you.

Let me introduce you I Will - the career test app, aiming to provide answer to one of the most crucial questions any person can ever have:

What should I do for a living?

Ready 2.0 just hit the Play Store

Ready Contacts App first appeared in the Play Store last fall, reaching 120k downloads since the launch. The app received an update today, the new version (named 2.0) marks a huge milestone. The most noticeable new feature is the complete material redesign, with terrific animations and nice themes.

Android Cell Phone Tracking app for all

TheOneSpy – Cell Phone Tracker is an Android monitoring app, which has a number of useful features to offer. With such a cell phone tracking app, you can conveniently monitor all the activities performed, by your child or employee, through his smartphone. To monitor the activities, you need to log in to the server of the service provider.

As a matter of fact, one cannot carry your laptop with you everywhere, so it will be a touch difficult for the user to monitor the targeted cell phone. To remove this hurdle, the developers have developed an Android Cell phone tracking Navigation app, named as TOS – Cell Phone Tracker. Let us discover what this app is all about.

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