Spotify Has Major Update Coming Soon


Spotify is a pretty popular application, considering over 5 million people have downloaded but the problem is it hasn’t been updated since sometime in November of 2011. That’s a while for a big app not to be updated, and because of the lack of updates there are many users reporting that the application won’t work on their device.

The Android Market Is Now Google Play - Integrating Apps, Games, Books, Music, And Movies

google_playGoodbye, Android Market, hello, Google Play. Just moments ago, Google let loose the re-branded Android content hub. What's new? Actually, not all that much (yet).
The change in name is largely an exercise in product consolidation. Google Books, Google Music, Google Movies, and the Android Market are all now under the "Google Play" banner, in an attempt to bring all of Google's content services to one place.

google_play pic

Big News For Big Apps: Android App Size Limit Bumped Up From 50MB To 4GB

androidIn the past, Android apps have been limited to a 50MB file size. App developers who needed to add extra data, as is the case with most big games, would have to have a secondary, self-hosted download after the user first launched the game. Today, that changes with Google introducing support for up to 4GB of "expansion files". While APKs must still be under 50MB, Google will host two 2GB files that include extra data for developers' apps. Nice!

Google Docs For Android Updated, Brings Real-Time Collaboration, Rich Text Formatting, New Layout Tools, And An Improved UI

gdocsThe Google Docs for Android app just received an update. It brings a number of new features to both phones and tablets:

  • Create, view and edit Google documents with our new Android editor
  • Rich text formatting (bold, italics, underline, font color, background color)
  • Layout tools (bulleted lists, numbered lists, indentation)
  • Real-time collaboration - see edits from others in seconds
  • Cursor presence and highlighting

[Press] Wanderplayer - The ultimate mobile controller for browser games

wanderplayerThe Orthogonal Labs team announced the release of WanderPlayer - game controller. The Wanderplayer beta was launched in October 2011 with hundreds of free browser games, and this release is the culmination of months of user feedback.

WanderPlayer broke ground by being the first controller of its type to not only offer traditional gamepad play, but also support Wii style control, & tilt control (for racing games and sims).

Crittercism: “iOS apps crash more than Android apps”

ios vs androidStartup mobile app monitoring firm Crittercism has released a new report which is bound to get people talking about Apple vs. Android all over again. As if the fanboys ever take a break. The crux of the finding is this: Apple and its various OS iterations is not any more stable than Android and its 'fragmented' ecosystem.

In data collected between December 1 and 15 Crittercism found that there were at least 23 different iOS operating systems that crashed. Android, for its part, had 33 operating systems that crashed. Leading the way with the most crashes was iOS 5.01 with 28.64% of overall crashes. Considering just how new the OS it's no wonder that apps didn't play nice. However, even older releases such as iOS 4.2.10 had 12.64% of crashes while iOS 4.3.3 had another 10.66%. Android's worst offender looks to be 2.3.3 at 3.86%, followed by 2.3.4 with 3.65%.

[Press]Disney and Conservation International to Raise Awareness for Fresh Water Initiative

‘Every Duck Counts’ Awareness Campaign launches with $50,000 donation from Disney

wmwJanuary 19, 2012 (Arlington, VA) – Conservation International (CI) today announced the launch of a new awareness raising effort with Disney using the free versions of the popular game Where’s My Water? as a fun way to educate users about the value of fresh water. For the ‘Every Duck Counts’ campaign, Disney Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund will make a generous donation of $50,000. The game will educate users about the value of fresh water in a fun and unique way by encouraging players to collect as many ducks as possible within the game to raise awareness for the accessibility of clean water and its importance on a global scale.

Would You Like A CyanogenMod App Store For Rooted Apps? The CM Crew Is Asking...

cyanogenWe have been pushed around for too long! The time has come to rebel against the iron fist of the carriers! Root users unite!
The Cyanogenmod Team is thinking about building an app store. "Ugh, another app store?" you say? Hold on a minute, there's some serious merit to this one. This is an app store for rooted apps. Rooted apps that the carriers hate and frequently remove from the Android Market.

[DOWNLOAD] Fancy Having the Kindle Fire Silk Browser for your Android Device?

silkI can’t say this one particularly makes me want to jump for joy and go straight to the download link below however for Kindle Fire users that are maybe now used to the Silk browser and have another plain Android device this will come as great news.

XDA member TyHi has finally managed to create a working port of Silk, which can be used on other Android devices, phones or tablets.

So now to the nifty how do I get it and install it part….

  • Download the pack HERE
  • Use Root Explorer to copy the lib files to /system/lib set permissions the same as the others

[Video] WordPress 2.0 Available For Android

qrWord Press 2.0 for Android is now available in the Android Market with a brand new User Interface. Some of the new UI features are a new dashboard and quick action bar giving users 1-click access to most Word Press functions.

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