Texting and Driving Facts and Prevention through New Technology

No matter what anyone says, we all text and drive at least occasionally. When I grab my phone and send or receive a text I really don’t think too much about the effects that it has on my driving and still like to think it doesn’t. This being said there are many statistics to show that it is dangerous and even more with teens who already drive much more aggressively than most adults.

The 5 Phases of App Marketing Research

You've Got An Awesome App Idea… Now What?

There are a lot of facets of app development that need to work hand-in-hand together in order for your next app to be a success – the most important being marketing and advertising. Or put another way, getting eyeballs on and downloads of your app. You might think that's a bit crazy since the app kind of plays an important role in it all, right? Well, let me explain why putting the app first is kind of like setting the cart before the horse.

When speaking about app marketing, one analogy that seems fitting is, "If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around, does it make a sound?" This is simply the opening statement for those who think that just developing an app–regardless of how great it is–is a sure-ticket to “celebrity appreneur” status.

Great Uses for Android Phones

Android phones are one of the most popular brands on the market today, and for good reason. These handy little gadgets can do almost anything. Apart from the normal functions of making calls, sending text messages and taking photographs, they have many other uses.

Need to control your PC remotely? Android has you covered. Tune your guitar? There’s an app for that. These impressive devices are becoming a ubiquitous part of day-to-day life, and for good reason. The applications are nearly endless. With sim only deals with internet, mobile devices are becoming more useful and affordable than ever.

A fun way for Android and iOS fans to settle their differences

logoThe Samsung vs Apple saga is calming down a little now but fans of the two platforms have a chance to fight for their platform in the new game Fruit vs Robot. This free game tallies the scores of users from both platforms on an online leaderboard, answering the question: who's more talented -- Fruit or Robot?

Review: Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

griffin helo

So recently I got asked to review the HELO TC helicopter and I have played with it for a good while and I honestly realy like it! You have to understand when you use this you are flying a helicopter so you have to have to be somewhat precise with the controls but it takes a minute to get used to it then you are away to fly around your room.

Facebook Employees Being Forced to Use Android App to Speed Up a Fix

facebook app

Facebook has been one of the worst when it comes to app development on any platform although the worst is Android. Facebook is now forcing its employees to use the Android mobile Facebook app in an effort to speed up the process of getting a fast, reliable app developed. Their iOS app was just updated yesterday and seems to at least be tolerable at the moment so it seems their focus is Android.

Save a life, buy an app


Rest in peace to the bad guys, or, if you’re too cheap to support a developer by paying for their application, the good guys. The United States Department of Justice has gone on a killing spree, crushing three of the best-known websites and markets for Android piracy.

A Hundred 5-Star Reviews For $150 (Or: How Cheaters Game The Android Play Store Using Mechanical Turk)

picWay back in the day, if you wanted to know if a piece of software was safe, reliable, or usable before you opened the package, you were out of luck. Once you rip that shrink wrap, you're stuck with it. The app markets of today are, by comparison, a breath of fresh air. A litany of user reviews let you know up front if a piece of software is crap or not before you download. Unfortunately, sometimes developers, like Noosoft Games, abuse this system by, as an example, using the Mechanical Turk system from Amazon to pay for 5-star reviews.

AmazonWireless Sheds Its Beta Tag After Three Years, Offers Best Price Guarantee And Free Premium Apps For Android

amazonwirelessThree years ago, Amazon opened a new online store dedicated to changing the way users buy cell phones. That store has now evolved into a go-to place for anyone who wants to get a great deal on a phone, free two-day shipping, and the top-notch customer service that Amazon is known for. Today, that store loses its beta tag, and brings two new features to the service: best price guarantee and free premium apps for Android users.

Instagram is out for Android, here's a review

intagram logoToday, Instagram for Android was released and here is our review of the shiny new application.

My first impressions of the app were really good, and it appears to be a nice solid application which appears to be fairly stable (no crashes for me yet). The interface has some iOS elements with the bottom bar, but the rest of it looks fairly Android-alike which is really nice to see. The bottom bar was probably included to make it look similar and recognisable as being Instagram, but unlike some other applications it is actually Android-styled.

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