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Angry Birds Will Be Taking On Mars This Fall

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To commemorate the Mars landing last night, we now have a new Angry Birds game to look forward to! It looks like those evil pigs and those angry birds will be traveling to Mars in one of Rovio’s most popular games.

Rovio will update Angry Birds Space to include new levels that take place on the Red Planet.

A YouTube video shows that this update can be expected sometime this fall. Check out the video below!

Clarion Unveils The Mirage, A 6.5-inch Android-Powered Car Stereo System With Built-In GPS, Bluetooth, And Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Space Released

angrybirdsJust a friendly reminder to all you ‘droid users out there – don’t forget to check out Rovio’s latest instalment of Angry Birds – Angry Birds Space. Due out on the 22nd March

The new game looks pretty promising with a whole range of new features such as new birds, new powers and an extra set of difficult levels for us dedicated players who strive to reach 3 star and high score perfection.

Rovio teases ‘Angry Birds Space’ for March 22

What does one do after they conquer earth? They head for space!

angry birds space1

How to backup your Angry Birds game data

To save your game files, you must have a rooted device and a rooted file manager.

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