Multiple user accounts coming soon to Android?


Our friends over at AndroidPolice made quite the discovery recently, and it has to do with multiple user accounts within Android. Not only would it be a great feature to have, it appears that Google might be preparing for it, as AP has found several instances within AOSP that could lead to multiple user accounts.

Gooseberry Becomes Raspberry Pi’s Rival


Just like that Raspberry Pi has become a thing of the past with this new beast, the Gooseberry. While I admit the name sounds stupid it does not portray the product.

Fujitsu announces an Android phone for elderly people


In past, several companies have launched products which are designed especially for kids, like the MEEP. The good things about such gadgets are that they are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Though the Japanese brand known as Fujitsu cares about elderly people, as they launched a phone which is designed for senior citizens, as it's really hard for them to get use to with a normal smartphone just because of the complications.

Android powers over 51% of smartphones, continues growing


Nielsen has published a report on U.S. smartphones and their operating system. Of course, Android is in the lead, running on 51.8% of all smartphones. iOS came in second with 34.8%, which is a 17.5% difference between the two. It's interesting that Android and iOS combined make up for over 85% of the entire smartphone market, as RIM and "others" come in at a cool 14%

Marriage proposal the Android way


As any Android lover knows, romance and Android goes hand-in-hand. That’s how Android guys know that true romance doesn’t involve flowers, chocolates or balcony serenades. What a Android gal really wants is a Galaxy Nexus with a specially customized boot animation.

This is how one reddit user decided to pop the question…

Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets to have entertainment systems running Android


When you're travelling, especially by plane, the experience has the capacity to be awful. Crying kids (even if they're yours!), loud / rude passengers, expensive food, or even people burping the whole flight that smells like bologna and Red Hots (hail to our Chief Editor's last experience)... it can be a downright bad time.

How to edit android phone music files tags.

1The android native music player doesn't support edit MP3 files tags. However some manufacture added that feature, for instance Sony Xperia S. Until now, I have been using my windows computer MP3tag editor. However now it’s not an issue. We can use a 3rd party free app on the Google play store for edit any music file tags.
iTag is one of the best and perfect free tool for edit MP3, M4a, Ogg, and Flac media files information’s. Apart from that, it can grab the album cover art. Unfortunately it’s not supported wav file format.

The Rise of Smart TV, aided by Android

Gone are the days when a television set was for only watching broadcast media and channels. Similar to the evolution in the mobile phone industry, things are changing rapidly for a TV as well. No longer a medium just for programmes; televisions offer much more now.

Smart TV focuses on the Internet TV, online interactive media, on-demand streaming and so much more. You can play games; watch videos on YouTube, surf the Internet, and all of this through your smart TV. In fact, traditional feature sets are now becoming obsolete with smart TV taking over the market rapidly. These features are also integrated in companion devices, such as set top boxes.

Android PDK + Jelly Bean

1The latest news that Google has announced in its Android Platform Development Kit (PDK) is too true to believe for Android lovers, whose patience have been tested for quite some time due to the slow Android updates on the Android-based phones. However, the fact is that Google has taken the right step at the right time. Along with the announcement of PDK, Google has also said that the PDK will be available to the hardware manufacturers and partners months in advance, before the launch of next major Android update.

Turn Your Android Device into a Wireless Storage Device (Droid NAS)

1Droid NAS can turn your Android device into a wireless storage device assuming you use a MAC or other Android device to access it. Having to find a micro USB cable to plug your Android device into a computer is just a hassle. Even with applications like Dropbox and, while helping to make things easier still doesn’t make it as easy as it could be. Now Droid NAS makes wireless storage easy and accessible.

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