How to Make Phone Calls on your Nexus 7 or other Android Tablet

nexus 7You can now make outgoing and receive incoming phone calls with your Nexus 7, or any other Android tablet, using your Google Voice number. Keep in mind that both methods of turning your Android tablet into a phone require root access in order to make the changes to the required files. Also both methods will trick your Nexus 7 or other Android tablet into thinking it is voice capable and allows the voice dialer app to work as a normal phone through Google Voice.

Gartner: Smartphones sales slow in Q2 but Android still dominates

Overall sales of mobile phones dropped in the second quarter as consumers around the globe bought 2.3 percent fewer phones than over the same period last year. Research firm Gartner posits the idea that customers may be holding on to devices longer, waiting for the next big release. Even in the face of declining overall sales, Android's market share improved over the time frame.

gartner Q2

Adobe Finally Pull Flash From Android

android flashToday I bring you the news that Adobe are finally pulling Flash from the Android world. After realizing that HTML5 will be the format to lead the mobile world forward, Adobe has decided that they can’t compete any longer. Adobe originally had hopes that they would bring a rich multimedia experience to the mobile and PC world, sadly this appears to no longer be the case.

An update on OUYA’s exciting Android-based console project: Success!

ouya console

A month ago we wrote on a Kickstarter project called OUYA, an innovative gaming platform designed to bring gamers back to the more family & multiplayer-oriented television. At the time we had expressed our hope that the project flourished, and we're happy to say that our hope was answered; within one day the project had garnered $2 million in support, over double the $950,000 goal they had hoped to achieve in a full month.

And here comes another dev board, the HackBerry A10!

So, you thought people were done with creating their own versions of the “Raspberry Pi”, well this is only the begining of tiny boards by tiny companies being sold. Presenting the new “Hackberry A10″ which is being sold by a company called “Miniland” and it runs Android 4.0 ICS out of the box too!

hackberry a10

Google Listen Being Scrapped

google listen

Yesterday on the Google Official Blog the director of engineering, Max Ibel, announced several changes to Google products, which included the news that they are officially pulling the plug on the Google Listen application.

Andy the Android Robot…. in LEGO?

android lego

Someone decided to make a LEGO Model for the LEGO CUUSOO platform where you can suggest new and exciting ideas you want LEGO to make. And what did they make? Well, you’re on an Android site, so they made the Android Robot, and call it Andy.

But yeah, it’s a LEGO model, so what? Well, you can actually rotate it’s head 360 degrees, and the arms move. Oh, and the ears too!

Simultaneous Gameloft launches on iOS and Android

ios android

Gameloft (one of the top developers of games for both iOS and Android) has tweeted that going forward they intend to release their games for both platforms at the same time.

Ubuntu For Android demoed at FISL

ubuntu for androidUbuntu for Android was was recently demoed by Cannocial at the Fórum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) 13 event held in Porto Alegre, Brazil last week, here's a video:

Official Android Blog is finally here!

android blog

Almost 4 years ago, Google launched their very first mobile OS which is now known as the most famous mobile operating system, Android. Whenever any official news or report related to Android is released by Google, it always shows up on Google Mobile blog or any other Google blog but not anymore; because finally after a wait of four-long years, Official Android Blog is finally here.

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