3 Reasons Why Companies Need To Have Mobile Marketing Campaigns

mobile marketing

Would you believe there are still companies out there that haven’t adopted mobile marketing strategies?

That may sound like a surprise to some people, while others will nod their heads knowingly. It isn’t that companies don’t want to reach out to as many consumers as they can with their marketing campaign. The problem with mobile marketing for some companies is two-fold.

4 Fingers of Android Fun

Well this has been the biggest news of the day for me, forget about Nokia being sold to Microsoft, the big news out of America today is that the next version of Android has been named by the team at Mountain View.
For as long as I can remember the touted name for the next Android version was Key Lime Pie and today Google quashed every rumour out there by naming the next version…

Wait for it…

How to get advantage of your Android Jelly Bean Smartphone?

In the recent times the biggest Android OS updates is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Almost all Android Smartphones is running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version of the Android OS.


You can feel the next generation Smartphone experience with the latest features included in the OS. But do you know several of the best Jelly Bean features are not apparent still you can do awesome things through this operating system. Let's find some of the best features of it. Be with us, and take a giant leap into the mobile market. We will provide you tips and tricks that really helpful to get the most of your Smartphone.

5 Handy and Free Android Apps for Booking Cheap Air Tickets

Android apps help users to search for options in a faster and better way than before. They help to save time and reduce the chances of confusion while booking flight tickets. Android apps are especially a boon for frequent travelers as it eliminates the problem of furnishing the same booking information multiple times.

Let’s take a look at these 5 handy yet free android apps for booking cheap air tickets:

Chrome vs Safari - Who Will Be The Mobile Browsing King?

chrome vs safari

It’s not really a secret that 25-34 year olds have the highest smartphone penetration in the market. They are the class that is most likely to use these devices for productivity, and they usually have employment to pay for the contracts to buy the phones in the first place.

Google launching Android Device Manager to find your devices

Google has previously left it to third parties to provide your device with a remote device locater and wiper. Until now, and the company has decided to launch their own and all you need is an Android phone with Android 2.2+.

The updated ‘Livescore Football, Tennis, Basketball' application

SportyTrader has recently updated their mobile application allowing us to follow the match scores of 3 different sports: football, tennis and basketball.

The new design is the main innovation of this latest update enabling us to follow live sports results, anywhere and anytime. The fluidity of the application has also been reworked to improve its browsing and usage.

Overcoming eight key challenges developers face in the Android market at Droid World this October

The android market is not an easy one – its proliferation of devices and operating systems poses a number of key challenges for developers to overcome. But as the biggest mobile market the challenges must be faced head on – which is why the Droid World two day conference track at Apps World is always a big draw for visitors to the event.

At this October’s conference, held at Earls Court 2, October 22-23, there will be a number of high profile speakers sharing their expertise including industry giants such as Google and Twitter and market leading authors in the industry. Despite the scale of the market the challenges to Android developers are common to all:

BitTorrent Sync App for Android launched in Beta

BitTorrent have released a beta of their Android app for syncing on their sync service. The main service went live as an alpha in April.

The technology is based on Peer-to-peer technology as we know the generic bittorrent network is built on top of. This offering is completely private and secured end-to-end, and most of the time your data will not even touch their servers as it will sync via your local network if possible.

Android: Best option for Small Scale Businesses

Small businesses that are on the path of growth will need communication options for their staff. The following article discusses why you should use Android devices for small business communications.

For any company that is growing has to make important decisions that will affect their future. These decisions have to be made carefully otherwise it may pose fatal for your business. One of such decisions is choosing suitable devices for communication in your business. Many in the past have preferred Blackberry because it was a suitable option for enterprises. Nowadays businesses go for the iPhone because of the popularity of the device. So if you are a business that is making constant progress in your path then a better option for your business would be Android devices. Not many would fall for it but it is a great option.

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