Officially: No more Adobe Flash for moblie devices

ZDNet was the first to announce that Adobe would be stopping all development on mobile devices on its Tech Broiler blog. The statement says that Adobe will stop all development of Flash for Android devices and focus its efforts on HTML 5 and other mobile apps. This was recently confirmed by Adobe on their own blog.

Android market changes

A few weeks ago Google has changed Android Market as you may noticed. First of all they reduced the purchase refund window from 48 hours to 15 minutes to try an application and get a refund if they didn’t like it.
Developers must set a content rating for their apps: Mature, Teen, Pre-Teen, or All. Applications or games without a rating will be treated as Mature.

Android is getting Bigger and BIGGER

Android is getting bigger in all possible ways.
As you may have heard, Android surpasses Apple's iPhone operating system for the number no. 2 spot in the States.

android surpasses osx

A few days ago, Google has announced their 100,000 app milestone for the Android Market. That's a lot of applications, and it only seems to be growing.

Android jokes

- Two Android phone are walking in the desert. Which of them is 2.2?
- The one who called "Froyo".

How many Android user does it take to change a light bulb?
One. He puts the bulb in and lets the world revolve around him.

Question: Definition of an upgrade?
Answer: Take old bugs out, put new ones in.

Chuck Norris runs Android on his I-Phone.

- What does a slow & lazy Android phone say?
- Force Close.

- Do you want to hear a dirty joke?
- Ok
- A white HTC Hero fell in the mud.

- Did you Nexus One help you with your homework?
- Student: No, it did it all by itself

Android developers are funny! :)

In the New Android 2.2 Froyo API: has been added.
It stands for "What a terrible failure", what a coincidence... :)

By the way, has anyone tried the command ./adb lolcat instead of ./adb logcat?

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