LG Bins Windows to Focus More on Android


LG was one of the original launch partners for Windows Phone, yet they have announced they have no plans to introduce any new Windows Phones onto the market so they can focus their efforts on Android.

Meet KegDroid: An Android/Arduino-Powered Keg In The Shape Of Our Favorite Robot: Your Argument Is Invalid

kegThere comes a time in every person's life when he or she must decide what to do with the time they've been given on earth. Will it be used to benefit mankind, or to destroy it? Will it be to help or to harm? In Google engineer Paul Carff's case, he went for both. Thus, KegDroid was born. This gorgeous Android statue, with beer taps for hands, dispenses home brew at the touch of a screen.

Android being translated into C#

As we all know with the Android law-suits with Oracle vs Google on the whole Java issue, some clever people thought that instead, just port all of the Android code automatically to C#. And, they’re getting there!


Dan Rosenberg's Presentation On Android Modding For The Security Practitioner Is A Must-Read

1While not everyone who owns an Android device roots, the Android modding community is at the very heart of everything we love about our little green buddy. Security researcher Dan Rosenberg recently gave a presentation where he elaborates on root and modding methods, as well as expounding on the security implications of modding Android phones.

Did Steve Jobs Really Hate Android? Larry Page Thinks Not


CEO of Google, Larry Page, was actually a good friend of Steve Jobs, and looked up to him. Larry Page even thought of him as a mentor as he took on the roll of CEO of the search giant and needed advice. If all this is true then why did Steve Jobs hate Android so much? The fact is he didn’t or at least that is what Larry Page told Businessweek during an interview. Larry Page thought it was more of a show Jobs put on.

Android overtakes 50% market share according to comScore

There's enough people in the world that every smartphone OS should be able to co-exist peacefully. In theory. Chalk it up to money and the electronic equivalent of Manifest Destiny, but the reality is that there's an all-out war among smartphone manufacturers of OSes and devices to capture the most market share, and it's a war that Android is currently winning.

Redditor Creates Mock-Up Of Facebook For ICS, We Can Only Drool

facebookFacebook’s current Android app has become the subject of much hatred from the Android community – for one thing, it rarely works properly (if at all); for another, its looks have become quite stale. Sadly, we still haven’t seen any plans for future improvements, so Redditor monkfishbandana took it upon himself to come up with a mock-up of how he believes Facebook for Android should look, especially with a beautiful OS like Ice Cream Sandwich. Facebook developers, take note:

[Videos] Android Bootcamp 2012 Offers Over 20 Hours Of Android Web Development Instruction – Free On YouTube

developmentMarakana, a company that's been "helping IT professionals get better at what they do" since 2001, has been busy (since January) releasing the latest series of videos in its Android Bootcamp franchise, this time updated for Ice Cream Sandwich development.

For those not familiar, Android Bootcamp is a series of videos aimed at those looking to learn Android development. Some may remember a similar project by TheNewBoston, though Marakana has broken its set of tutorials into much larger chunks, with the 2012 series currently totaling 29 videos (that's over 20 hours of free instruction).

Android – Now THE platform to develop for?


It always seems in the past Android has always had a bum deal with a large number of very popular applications coming out on iPhone first or never for android. The last week sees the release to the Google Play Store of two of what are possibly very big (in popularity) apps which before now were only available for the iPhone – Temple Run and Instagram! Is Android becoming the platform to develop for? I think so, and so do androidandme. Read more here.

AmazonWireless Sheds Its Beta Tag After Three Years, Offers Best Price Guarantee And Free Premium Apps For Android

amazonwirelessThree years ago, Amazon opened a new online store dedicated to changing the way users buy cell phones. That store has now evolved into a go-to place for anyone who wants to get a great deal on a phone, free two-day shipping, and the top-notch customer service that Amazon is known for. Today, that store loses its beta tag, and brings two new features to the service: best price guarantee and free premium apps for Android users.

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