android robot

Andy the Android Robot…. in LEGO?

android lego

Someone decided to make a LEGO Model for the LEGO CUUSOO platform where you can suggest new and exciting ideas you want LEGO to make. And what did they make? Well, you’re on an Android site, so they made the Android Robot, and call it Andy.

But yeah, it’s a LEGO model, so what? Well, you can actually rotate it’s head 360 degrees, and the arms move. Oh, and the ears too!

Lego robot beats human world record for solving the Rubik’s Cube with Android

"The current official human record for the Rubik's cube 3×3×3 puzzle is just 5.66 seconds. Now a robot called CubeStormer II did it in just 5.35 seconds. CubeStormer II is controlled by four Lego NXT 'bricks' that communicate via Bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy SII smart phone. A special app on the phone takes a picture of the cube, solves the puzzle virtually, and then relays the solution to the Lego robot. From click to finish the whole process takes just seconds"

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