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The Android Market Is Now Google Play - Integrating Apps, Games, Books, Music, And Movies

google_playGoodbye, Android Market, hello, Google Play. Just moments ago, Google let loose the re-branded Android content hub. What's new? Actually, not all that much (yet).
The change in name is largely an exercise in product consolidation. Google Books, Google Music, Google Movies, and the Android Market are all now under the "Google Play" banner, in an attempt to bring all of Google's content services to one place.

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Big News For Big Apps: Android App Size Limit Bumped Up From 50MB To 4GB

androidIn the past, Android apps have been limited to a 50MB file size. App developers who needed to add extra data, as is the case with most big games, would have to have a secondary, self-hosted download after the user first launched the game. Today, that changes with Google introducing support for up to 4GB of "expansion files". While APKs must still be under 50MB, Google will host two 2GB files that include extra data for developers' apps. Nice!

Bugzi 3.0.0 released!

We have just released, the 3.0.0 version of Bugzi, our Bugzilla client for Android. With the help of your valuable user feedback, we've managed to add popular new features, and fix important bugs.

The most significant changes in this version are:

  • worktime data is available in the bugdetail to view and edit
  • bugdetail screen is redesigned, pages are available with swiping instead of tabs
  • bug comments can be sent in togethger with any other bug change
  • much more detailed error messages, so you can know if the account data and server address you entered is invalid, or Bugzi is incompatible with the server or exactly which field is incorrect in your custom query or bug update request
  • buglist are sortable in custom order
  • you can quick access bugs by bug id or quicksearch them by summary

10 Best Popular Funny Apps For Android Users

funAndroid smart phones can now replace the functions offered by most DSL internet providers, allowing users to go online, socialise with friends and get on with work while on the move. However, the Android Market has hundreds of thousands of applications, many of which are designed purely to give you a laugh. Here are 10 of the best Android applications that can help keep you smiling throughout the day.

Android Market Cracks The 400,000 Application Barrier, Becomes The Largest Store In The World For Free Apps

marketThe Android Market hit a milestone over the holiday weekend - it now contains over 400,000 apps, putting it only 100,000 apps behind Apple's App Store in terms of sheer quantity. What's even more impressive, though, is that the Market is now the largest store in the world for free apps, with a whopping 68 percent of its collection available sans price tag.


Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Master Of The Seas Hits The Android Market, Finally Allowing Us To Plunder The High Seas From The Comfort Of Home

pirates_thumbYar Matey! Take to the high seas and plunder all in your path! Disney's new social game, Master of the Seas, promises to be "the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay."

Wyse PocketCloud Explore Now Available In The Android Market, Lets You Remotely Access Your Documents And Other Files From Your Mobile

pocketcloudWyse Technology, the company behind some some powerful remote access apps, has released a new Android app into the Market today called PocketCloud Explore. The app is simple in nature, but quite practical in use, as it allows you to access the files store on your PC remotely from your Android device, safely and securely.

YouSendIt application hits Android Market, full of handy features


Like many of you guys I am a very big fan of cloud computing the advancements we're seeing in mobile clients. Whether its Dropbox, Evernote, Box, PogoPlug or any other player, it's wonderful to send, share, create, and manage from desktop and mobile alike. This week sees another player release an Android application as YouSendIt enters the mix.

Adobe Flash 11.1 Hits The Android Market With Support For Android 4.0

adobe flashAdobe promised that it would update Flash to support devices running Android 4.0 before the end of the year, and it has now made good on that promise - just in time for the U.S release of the Galaxy Nexus, no less.

Day 10 of The Google 10 Billion Apps Downloads Promotion

appsIt’s the final day folks and Google have went all out this time …. ooops scratch that, the list is almost as bad as yesterdays and there are 4 repeats too...

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