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Flash for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Devices

android flashThose of us that have been using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean have noticed that we miss flash since its no longer supported after Android 4.0 ICS, until now. XDA user truth77 has posted an update to Adobe Flash to version for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean users.
The update to Flash is available on Google Play although when trying to download it on an Android 4.1 device will tell you that its not compatible. All you need to do is download the APK and side load it on your device instead of going through the Play store.

Create custom, simple notifications for Android 4.1 with Notif


Looking for a way to create custom notifications and reminders for your Android 4.1 Jelly Bean device? Consider Notif and its four types of notifications for items like reminders, lists, passwords, and more. The free application lets users build whatever type of interactive notifications they want and even allows for on-going items so you don’t accidentally clear them. Notif is free to download however the paid version is only 99¢ and adds 200 icons with “lots more to come”.

Motorola Promises $100 If Your Device Doesn’t Receive Jelly Bean


When I first read this story it took me a while to actually realise what I had just read. At today’s keynote, Dennis Woodside the head of Motorola, announced that they fully intend to upgrade all new and existing Motorola handsets to Jelly Bean where possible. Sounds good right?

Samsung debuts Android 4.1-powered Galaxy Camera

samsung galaxy camera

Samsung, following closely on the heels of their big Galaxy Note II announcement, have made the Galaxy Camera official. Specifications for the Android 4.1-powered camera are below and we couldn’t be happier.

Android 4.1 found running on Galaxy S III

galaxy s3 jellybean

In yet another sign that Android 4.1 should soon hit the Galaxy S III, a video has surfaced which shows exactly that. You can see in the clip below that things look pretty legit and that TouchWiz UI remains largely unaffected. All the stuff we've come to appreciate in Jelly Bean is present, including Google Now, expanded notifications, and that buttery smooth interface.

Sony “actively investigating” Android 4.1 for all devices

Sony is still working on bringing Jelly Bean to Xperia models back through 2011.

jelly bean

Sony, doing a bit of damage control, has taken to their blog to clear the air as it pertains to an Android 4.1 update for their 2011 Xperia lineup. The last we had heard, Sony was not expecting to put Jelly Bean on their smartphones from last year and that the door had closed for future updates. Not so fast.

Jelly Bean difficult to exploit


Charlie Miller, a veteran smartphone hacker and principal research consultant at security firm Accuvant has said that it will be difficult to write exploits for Jelly Bean as it is the first version of Android to include full ASLR and DEP.

Google releases official changelog for Jelly Bean


That's right, Google has just announced the changelog to their newest Android version, Jelly Bean. We saw most of the Jelly Bean coverage at Google I/O, from the camera enhancements to Project Butter, but now Google has finally given users the full breakdown of what the latest, tastiest Android update has to offer. You can click the source link below to see what the majority of Android users are missing out on, at least until more devices get that precious OTA.

Android PDK + Jelly Bean

1The latest news that Google has announced in its Android Platform Development Kit (PDK) is too true to believe for Android lovers, whose patience have been tested for quite some time due to the slow Android updates on the Android-based phones. However, the fact is that Google has taken the right step at the right time. Along with the announcement of PDK, Google has also said that the PDK will be available to the hardware manufacturers and partners months in advance, before the launch of next major Android update.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 given to Android Open Source Project


Jean-Baptiste Queru has announced that Android's latest version, 4.1 Jelly Bean, has been released to the Android Open Source Project. This is a major step for JB, and it allows anyone to get their hands on the source code and compile 4.1 into their own ROM.

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