Amazon gives Android developers Analytics and A/B Testing services


Amazon today announced another pair of tools aimed at helping developers create the best mobile app/game experience. Available immediately, both Analytics and A/B Testing services are offered as a free, single SDK. One helps keep an eye on how one experience works against others while the other lets developers assess how and which features are being used.

Appstore Developer Select rewards developers who optimize apps for Kindle Fire line

amazon select

Amazon on Tuesday announced a new initiative which rewards developers who optimize Android apps for the Kindle Fire line of tablets. Known as the Appstore Developer Select program, incentives include credits in hosting services, tools for better discovery, and premium placement in Amazon’s Appstore. The benefits are expected to roll out by the holiday season however developers can already check to make sure their apps are ready to go.

Amazon Cut Google Search From Their Kindle Fire HD

kindle fire hdIn recent months many companies have been trying cut their dependence upon Google. For example Apple are leaving behind Youtube on iOS 6 and Amazon are choosing to start using Nokia Maps as opposed to Google. In a more surprising move it appears that the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD will now be using Bing as its integrated search browser. In a recent Kindle Fire HD hands-on Ubergizmo reports that in the recent upgrade to the Silk browser, we see the swap to Bing.

Google Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD Comparison

nexus 7 vs kindle fire hd

The argument of who has the best $200 tablet has been easily won by the Google Nexus 7 over the Kindle Fire until now with the release of the Kindle Fire HD. From the start we will go ahead and say we still feel the Nexus 7 is the best low budget tablet even with the release of the new Amazon HD but the race is much closer. In fact its down to what you use it for and personal opinion as of yesterday.
Below we will compare some of the major features of each device, mostly from a hardware and overall software stance.

Amazon partners with Epix


Amazon has not had much luck when it comes to competition in the movie-streaming business, but this might be changing in the near future because media-provider Epix is now becoming a partner with Amazon Prime. For $79 per year, users get the ability to stream content without additional monthly fees, as well as benefits that include discounted shipping and a Kindle book loan program.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will not be a 10 inch Kindle Fire

kindle fire

Amazon will not be releasing a 10-inch Kindle Fire at next weeks launch event, they have stated that their Kindle Fire 2 (or whatever they call it) will be an improved 7-inch version of its original. Amazon will be releasing the next Kindle Fire with the same 7-inch form factor as the original with a possibly thinner form and improved specifications.

Will Amazon announce next Kindle Fire on September 6?


Our friends at AndroidGuys just received an email from Amazon inviting them to a September 6 press conference. Considering they’re known as an Android site and not just one that covers e-readers or general tech, their interest is piqued. Why would Amazon send them an invitation?

Presumed Kindle Fire successor hits FCC

amazon kindle fire

The follow-up to last year's Kindle Fire recently hit the FCC and should still be on tap for a fall debut. The findings, as picked up by the always-cool team at The Digital Reader, suggest that the screen size appears to be around 9.7-inches to 10.1-inches, right in line with previous rumors. Based on information in the documents, the tablet/e-reader should arrive in the next few months, something nearly everyone has long anticipated.

WSJ reports Amazon working on “Kindle Phone”, to release as early as late 2012


There have been rumors floating around for a bit now about Amazon working on a so-called "Kindle Phone". Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting the same thing, adding coals to the rumor fire.

Amazon Working on a Smartphone?


We have heard many rumors till now about Amazon working on their own phone to compete with Android and iOS devices. If we have learned nothing else with Amazons release of the Kindle Fire we know that the company can push a product better than even Apple when it comes to economy and learning curve.

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