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  • Chili or Mango - The first interactive series for smartphone

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    Hi Helloandroid readers! We are really excited to announce our latest work. We made the first ever interactive series specially for smartphones.

    First there was a Hungarian startup with a great idea. They decided to make the most innovative experience in the world of series. They created the scripts, shot the episodes, and found a developer company with great experience in both Android and iOS development. Yep, that was Attrecto Smartphone Solutions, the guys behind

  • Using Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Finances


    The vision of tacky dressed accountants with green visors crunching numbers on a ten-key have been replaced by that of a person dragging items into a folder on a smartphone in order to transfer account balances. Instead of long paper trails and countless time spent with stacks of money, today's society likes to keep things neat and simple with their finances.

    Here are a couple ways to make the most out of your smartphone and keep your money organized:

  • 5 Handy and Free Android Apps for Booking Cheap Air Tickets

    Android apps help users to search for options in a faster and better way than before. They help to save time and reduce the chances of confusion while booking flight tickets. Android apps are especially a boon for frequent travelers as it eliminates the problem of furnishing the same booking information multiple times.

    Let’s take a look at these 5 handy yet free android apps for booking cheap air tickets:

  • Android App Download For Notebook Online

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    Open Source / Other

    for ease, get this app for your android smartphone, please download the following application,
    Android App Download For Notebook Online
    Download Here

    or you just scan the QR Camera is on your smartphone.

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  • Movietrap, a new app to manage your watchlist

    We just recived some awesome news from a digital agency, Aprilred. They developed a really useful app for people who watch a lot of movies. With this app anybody can manage their watchlist, easily mark movies seen, or share it with their friends.
    They will release the app on May 31, but every subscriber will bring the release date 20 secs closer. So head over to the Movietrap website and sign up for it, I want to download the app as soon as possible :)

  • Five Effective Android Sleep Apps for Optimum Sleep

    The fast pace of modern civilized live and the tenseness of our working day makes it difficult for us to relax and fall asleep during the night. There are many ways in which we can make our sleep deeper and more refreshing: regular exercise, cutting back on nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, spending less time in front of the TV or monitor before going to bed, and meditation, to name a few.

    Android sleep apps can never take the place of these common-sense measures. But they can definitely help you fall into a better sleep cycle. Listed below are ten of the best Android apps for sleep. You don't need all of them: just take a look at what they offer and install the ones that seem most useful.

  • Alien Vs. Predator: EVOLUTION is finally out

    FOX Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games are proud to announce that Alien vs. Predator: EVOLUTION (AVP: EVOLUTION) is available today on Apple’s App Store and for Android phones and tablets on the Google Play Store. In this new foray into the imaginative and expansive Alien vs. Predator universe, players take control of iconic extraterrestrials, engaging in a savage battle between species and clans. In honor of the release, the team has created a launch trailer showcasing both legendary characters at their most vicious.

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch comes to Android smartphones

    Adobe has released a smartphone version of the Photoshop Touch app that tablet users have enjoyed for some time. Available for $4.99 in the Google Play Store, it has all the core capabilities, including adding effects, crop, retouch, filters, sharing, and more. Additionally, the app comes with 2GB of storage in Adobe Creative Cloud. Note that you will need an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone if you would like to install the app.

  • Swiftkey celebrates 4th anniversary by bringing ‘flow’ out of beta


    SwiftKey, easily the most recognizable name in Android keyboards (and possibly Android software altogether) has just turned 4 years old. So, how does an app company celebrate? Cake, cookies, ice cream? Nope – they release more software.

  • Kids Racing Math Game

    Closed Source / Freeware

    "Racing Mania" is designed to hone the mathematical skills of children with a thrilling car racing game. Increase the speed of the car, refill the fuel tank and more by choosing the right answer. The quicker the player answers, the better are the chances to win the race.

    To download this Free App:

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