ZK Mobile for Android

Open Source / Apache 2

The ZK Mobile for Android is the ZK extension that enables reachness of ZK applications to Android platform mobile devices with little programming. With the event-driven components and a markup language on server side, developing is as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML.

No Android prerequisite is required. And, it is as simple as authoring HTML pages.
For example,

<frame title="Label and Image Demo" visible="true">
Do you love this photo?
<image src="sun.jpg"/>
<label id="ans"/>
<button label="YES" onClick='ans.value="YES"'/>
<button label="NO" onClick='ans.value="NO"'/>

ZK Mobile for Android 0.8.1
* Support Listbox, Listitem, Datebox, Timebox, Box components

ZK Mobile for Android 0.8.0
* Support Button, Frame, Label, Image, Textbox components.
* ZK Mobile client support URL.

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