Xanadew mDice 3D

Concept / Design
Closed Source / Commercial

Android handset manufacturers are going to need something fresh and sexy to promote their investments in Google's technology. Apple has set the bar with the Cover Flow user interface and media player on iPhones.

A new user interface paradigm is needed to take full advantage of next generation mobile high definition displays, graphics accelerators such as NVIDIA GoForce, and virtual environments such as Second Life. mDice 3D from Xanadew allows users to quickly multitask and content surf using a virtual cube interface. Users load their playlists, then roll to surf, shake to shuffle, and scan with automatic reload to access a virtually endless amount of content. mDice 3D renders a true three-dimensional cube (unlike HTC’s TouchFLO) and supports roll, pitch, yaw, zoom-in, zoom-out and translucency.

Check out http://morgandigitalworks.bravehost.com/xanadew/Xanadew.pdf
Press image http://morgandigitalworks.bravehost.com/xanadew/Xanadew.jpg

For more information, contact info@xanadew.com

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