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Tetrinoid is an attempt to make networked twitch gaming a reality for mobile phone users. Since devices are becoming more powerful and wireless data speeds are on the increase, I believe that networked games similar to Subspace, Quake 1, and Descent, will be available for Android supported phones in the near future. Several components are provided in this framework to make networked game development simpler and more streamlined.

Networking aside, there are also various other components built into the framework to make life easier for game developers. The components are listed out in latter portions of this document, but they almost always related to game development in some way or another.

Tetrinoid contains the following modules:

- Base framework
- Net library
- Line analysis library
- RUDP library
- Piped communication library
- Client/server framework
- Networked game system library
- Scene and sprite library
- Simple font library
- Virtual machine and assembler
- Simple user interface library
- Image manipulation library

The modules are explained in a bit more detail in the submission documents located on the website.

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