Tank Hero 3D

Concept / Design

Tank Hero 3D is the best shooting game. Blast out the drums, choppers, trucks and various obstacles in your way with cannons. Blast all the obstacles on the way and capture the territory and become the Tank Hero!

Mount your Tank and get ready to take the fight to new battlegrounds and become a Hero by conquering territories that will challenge you like never before.

In Tank Hero 3D, there are 4 different unique tanks and 10 most exciting levels of greenery , snow and the desert environment. To buy new and powerful tanks you need to earn money by blasting as many objects in your way as possible. Collect gold, silver and bronze medals to unlock levels.


  • Multiple tanks to choose from
  • Awesome 3D Graphics
  • Realistic hitting feelings
  • Numerous challenging stages
  • Realistic Controls
  • Great blasting gameplay
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