SWAT Police Car Chase

Concept / Design




[IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/30krkw6.png[/IMG] 

Welcome to the Crime City. The streets are filled with criminals. You are a trained Elite SWAT Policeman. Your mission is to stop the criminals trying to escape the city.
Chase the criminals, don't let them escape. This is a battle between police and criminals.
It's time for justice. Are you ready to arrest all the criminals?
SWAT Police Car Chase Features:
✔ Free Police Car Simulator Game
✔ Realistic HD Graphics
✔ 3D and Realistic Environments
✔ Unlock and Upgrade various Police Cars
✔ Realistic game play and cool sound
✔ Challenge & Share with your friends
- Tap your phone/tablet on right to accelerate/brake.
- Tap your phone/tablet on left to control the direction.

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