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Saiko+ is a social community for Anime, Comic, Game and Cosplay fans. If you’re looking for a free social networking app where you can explore and share your passion with like-minded people, at the same time make friends and have fun, Saiko+ is the perfect mobile social network for you.
With Saiko+, you can:

-Keep yourself updated with the latest news on Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Fan Art, Game, Cosplay and Conventions.
-Decide which categories to receive on your feed.
-Reads FREE & EXCLUSIVE Manga.
-Post, like, comment, follow and chat with users who have the same interests as you.
-Post your cosplay photo shoots, share cool cosplays of others, Anime weapon creations, and convention photos, and share with users who are also cosplay lovers and con-goers
-Share a snapshot of your cool stuff such as fan arts, gaming gear, Anime & Manga action figures, mecha figures, and other toy collections with fellow gamers and collectors.
-Share your opinion by Post, Chat and create/join Polls! Become friends with those who are passionate about the same Anime, Manga, Comic, Cartoon or Cosplayer.
-Challenge others fans who have the same interests as you! Join chat rooms and talk about episodes, characters, cosplay progress and games that you love.
-Join Saiko+ Events and Challenges, and win exciting prizes!
-Earn Saiko Points from your activities. You can use these points for exchanging cool stuff and rewards in the future.

Be part of the best mobile social networking app of this genre. Join Saiko+ today and start meeting thousands of people who understand you and appreciate what you are sharing! Your friends await you!

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