Psalms of King David

Production / Stable

General Info:
App Name: Psalms of King David

Author: Omar Flores

Main Area: Rethinking of traditional search user interfaces (Light Search Engine)

Concentration: Religion

Implements: Sqlite db search, Text display, ListView.

The Psalms of King David is a digital version of the traditional Psalms. It adapts traditional search user interface in the web to use in the Android OS.

Start using it:
To Start with please click on the Psalms Of icon (icon with the blue planet image).
Then enter the text (word or phrase to search for), as indicated below. Please notice that by default the number of results is 50. To change it you can type a desired number in the MaxResults box.

The resulting list can be clicked on to produce the desired psalm.

Features: Litany Of Loretto -song.

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