"niconico" - Japan’s biggest video app

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"niconico" is the video app that is extremely popular with young people.
It has many hot videos from Japan, such as Vocaloid, video game commentaries and much more.

Posting comments with people around the world!
Niconico’s main attraction is its commenting feature that’s similar to “chat.”
Post your comments when you want to say “Funny!”, “looool”, “OMG”…etc.
Press the post button to have your comments scroll in from the left of the screen.
You can enjoy commenting with people from around the world because you can see comments of others while watching video.

This app’s features

  • Your posted comments will scroll over videos as you watch them.
  • You can tune in to Hatsune Miku Vocaloids, video game commentaries, and other epic videos.
  • You can watch many kinds of broadcasts including concerts by famous Japanese icons as well as popular user created programs.

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