monolithandroid 1.0.3c Alpha

Open Source / Apache 2

Monolith Android is a 3D tetris like game for the android mobile phone platform. The code is based on the SDK samples of the Android SDK. The intent is to create a fun to play game, and familiarize with the rich API of the android platform. The game uses openGL ES to render the graphics. As well as the classic tetris-like gameplay, the game provides an additional game mode, "Monolith" in which tetris is fused with Conway's game of life. The Monolith name derives from the fact that the matrix that the game is played in, looks a bit like a monolith from the film "2001 a Space Odyssey". You can download an alpha installation package from the downloads section or you can go directly to the source
Here you can find a youtube video of version 1.0.3c alpha

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