Concept / Design

“MoBit” is an Android application for mobile blogging. By using MoBit user can directly post his article from Android device to his Google Blogger site. Creating an article is very simple: import your photos, scribble what you want to say and add Google map for your favorite location. And just click “publish” button then all you have to do is simply visiting to your blog site. So simple!

The program provides mainly two functionalities:
Creating an article
Post it to Blogger site

An article, what you have created with MoBit, is not from typing keypad but from scribbles. And more things you can add multiple photos, resize and arrange those things. When you feel looks good, post the article and share it.

Until now there are no safe ways to show scribbles and photos with Web standards but image - especially JPEG in here. MoBit converts scribbles and multiple photos into one single JPEG image. And the application transfers the image to Picasa Web Service. After getting success uploading image, MoBit keeps going to post a simple HTML document, which includes your article image , to Blogger site.

Theses are most promising things what MoBit can do and make you to keep in touch with Mobile Blogging.

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