Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle

Production / Stable
Closed Source / Freeware

Knight's Tour is an adaptation of a classic game where you control a Knight and can move only in an "L" shaped direction. Each level challenges you to collect coins while avoiding deadly obstacles (i.e. spikes, broken bricks) and destroy the enemies that sometime guard them.

When the puzzles are very difficult or you're out of moves you can use power-ups to advance in any direction, repair broken tiles or heal yourself.

Main Features:
- Chess & Puzzle hybrid gameplay. You control a Knight on a board that can have various shapes and obstacles, with the purpose of collecting all coins. Just as in chess, your knight can only move in an "L" shape. The puzzles are quite difficult as you have to think well to avoid getting stuck & dying.
- Over 100 beautiful levels. You can play 100+ levels in a 3D-like environment with zoom-in/out features. Each level introduces new obstacles and difficulty increases exponentially. Some have breakable tiles, others small or spikes, and you'll have to use your wits to advance.
- Powerups & upgrades. Collect coins and you'll be able to upgrade your Knight to have a better shield or life-span. Buy powerups that will help you move in any direction (Queen), fix broken cells (Wizard) or heal yourself (Heal).
- Achievements. Kinght's Tour has a lot of achievements you can complete based on how well you play. Each completed achivement unlocks rewards (coins, powerups) and also extra bonus levels.

Knight's Tour is available for free on Google Play

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