Jamdroid is an application developed for the Android platform. Its goal is to provide real-time accurate information about road traffic, virtually anywhere on the globe, based on the idea that anyone driving a car with a gps receiver can have its device estimate the traffic he just went through.
Jamdroid supposes that each user owns an Android-capable device, with a GPS receiver, that has a permanent connection to the Internet. The devices will connect to a main Internet server, that receives their information, and sends other users report as a reply.

All Jamdroid users are part of a community: everyone sends traffic information for the route he just went through, and receive information about the traffic in the area he is going toward.
Jamdroid’s goal is to be complementary to existing traffic services – such as that of GoogleMaps – to improve the users experience.

Traffic analyser

- When a user drives his car, Jamdroid analyse the device speed and position in real-time, to calculate a detailed traffic report on the current road or street the user is driving on.
- Once a significant piece of information about the traffic has been extracted, it is sent to an Internet server, that memorises it.

Traffic information

- When a user starts the GPS application, Jamdroid registers to the server, with its current location.
- The server pushes traffic data it receives to all registered client driving in the corresponding area.
- A client can also directly request traffic information in a specific area - say, to prepare a travel.

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