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Create your own shortcuts for long cellphone tasks using the unique features of your phone (e.g.accelerometer, orientation sensor, speech recognition, internet, GPS)

For example:

- Shake the phone to erase what you typed in notepad (would need accelerometer)

- Take a picture at specific GPS locations during a certain time of day and the picture is automatically uploaded and tagged to your website

- The phone goes into vibrate mode when you turn it upside down or enter a GPS zone of your choice

- When typing in an IM you can press a defined key combo and it will translate it into a full sentence instead of you having to type that common sentence every time to a friend.

- A phone call comes in, its a specific phone #, the call is auto-recorded and the message is archived and automatically tagged and uploaded to your gmail account.

- Take multiple pictures and when done it will automatically send them to each of the friends

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