Hungry Ocean

Production / Stable

Discover a real side of sea world and try to find the way of surviving. It isn't so calm as it seems. Use your jaws to eat little fishes, to grow up and to try not to become a dinner for hungry predators!
But be careful, because danger is waiting for you everywhere you go. The best advice for a freshman is not to mess up with hungry sharks, rumor has that they aren't kind guys. Jellyfish aren't really so cute they are look like. And you'd better believe that bombs aren't really good for your fish's health.
Still alive? Want to show your skills? Searching for something special? Then use a great opportunity to compete in speed with your friend from facebook. Who is the fastest hungry fish? Aren't you? Then prove and let the battle begin!
Upgrade your fish, have fun and try to get rid of everyone around you on the way of becoming a real predator. But be ready that unpredictable surprises will follow you while you're keep moving on.
Are you ready? So, let's check, who is the biggest fish in here!

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