Heroic Rush

Concept / Design


The EPIC journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step; let it be the end of the journey but never stumble. Keep RUNNING for the prestige & pride of the KINGDOM and then recall yourself as "HEROIC RUSH". Get ready to hold your sword compact, set your armour, and take the phenomenon pride to serve your country. Embark your journey of great truth, vigour & discover the lost treasure of kingdom.
You are the Royal Defender of the province, down the town of North-port. The kingdom renowned for its Kindness, Valour and the precious Golden Bird, But fate has its own plan. One day as usual visit to treasure abode, the King noticed that their precious Golden Bird was missing. Now the pride of the kingdom is on stake, unless someone gets the Golden Bird back!
Now it’s time to get ready for the most awaited EPIC, adventurous trip down the town of North-port. YOU are the only ONE chosen by the king to accomplish the challenge and you have been provided with 4 other powerful warriors to make your journey easy & thrilling.
To be most successful warrior in your kingdom, you need to follow the instructions & play accordingly. Now as you know already how and what direction you need to go, just exhibit your skills down the path and be prepared for an epic journey of excitement & joy. This journey would not be as easy as you pretend it, reaching your destination is not a simple task. Be careful with every step you take it towards your destination, rush & hit animals, crush & go through all obstacles effortlessly with amazing boosters. Closely monitor the arcade, dungeons & many more thrilling locations in the game play. This game is available in casual category, start your epic journey which is filled with loads of surprises & fun activities. Play one of the best running games that you have ever experienced, the only thing what you have to do is just Run, Run & Run! Play and share your best score with your friends, challenge and beat their respective score to reach on the top of the Leader Board.
While playing this amazing game, your reaction & quick reflexes would be tested throughout the game play in different locations. If you think you have what it takes to run and survive in this challenging casual game, then here is the only chance to prove yourself and become a great warrior. So, what are we waiting for?
Are you ready to take up the challenge?
► Features ◄
* Make your warrior run through Dungeon & the dangerous forest.
* Assault the unexpected animals & danger that come in your way.
* Rush faster than ever, dodge & escape from deadly dungeon.
* Boosters & power ups will make your journey smooth & hassle free.
* Upgrade your weapons & boosters that can help to run more than your expectations.
* Unlock the great warriors & face challenges with ease.
* Collect the coins, diamonds to upgrade & unlock the gears.
* The precious ruby can be found rare but if discovered, it can give you more lives.
* Earn achievements throughout the journey.

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