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Habitizer is an application that allows you to get new healthy habits and start keeping a healthy lifestyle. It is a convenient and effective tool to help you replace bad habits and risks with perfect physical fitness, healthy diet and high quality of life.

You’ve wished to quit smoking, work on your fitness and lose a couple of pounds a thousand times but your wishes never came true? Your problem is what most often stands in the way to a healthy lifestyle: you cannot change your life until you get into a number of healthy habits. You don’t have any clues how to do that? The Habitizer application makes getting into healthy habits simple and easy.

• Choose a healthy habit that meets your goal on the list or think of your own habit. Anyway, it’s all up to you. There’s no need to tailor your goals to the provided templates.
• If you are in two minds about your goal, complete a short test to get a clue.
• Use the application facilities to adjust the selected habits. Chose the time and conditions of getting the habit.
• Use the simple and effective habit organizer to watch your habits over time. Habitizer will recurrently remind you of the target goal, monitor your progress, and record all your milestones on the way to success. Just have a look at your smartphone to be aware of your current status.
• As soon as your habit period expires, the application provides you with a final progress report. And what’s more, you can share the news on your success with your friends in a social network.
The application stores a record of all your completed periods and attained goals, so that you could access them any time.
Habitizer is a perfect tool to assist you in getting healthy habits and, consequently, living a healthy lifestyle. Make your dreams come true, make a crucial step on the way to healthy life!

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