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GST Calculator India Tax is the application for count goods and service tax quickly.As a rule of Indian government any of retailer and buyer need to pay GST before any supply or buying.GST is collected by the government so you need to pay this at a time,but before you just need to know how much tax will be cuts or added in total amount.

The Goods and Services Tax is based on two Parliamentary Acts - the IGST Act and the CGST Act which were passed in April 2017.Any business in India that supplies goods or services with turnover of Rs. 20 lakh has to get registered under GST Act.All registered businesses have to file monthly, quarterly and/or annual GST Returns based on the type of business.A return is a document containing details of income which a taxpayer is required to file with the tax administrative authorities.A GST invoice or a bill is a list of goods sent or services provided, along with the amount due for payment.

Composition Scheme is a straightforward and simple scheme under GST for taxpayers.Small taxpayers can dispose of dull GST conventions and pay GST at a settled rate of turnover. This scheme can be selected by any citizen whose turnover is not as much as Rs. 1.5 crore.

Our application is the goods and service tax rate finder for any business in India just in some seconds with "GST Calculator India Tax". Goods and Service Tax base on the transaction or buying amount of any thing that avail in Indian market for sale.

Many of thing have not included in GST means that have 0% tax on it.same like it different things have different tax rates on if you know how much tax you need to pay then you easily counts by using our application "GST Calculator India Tax".

Our app also have a function of save your calculation as an image that includes your Goods and Service Tax amount.User can share this image with buyer or supplier easily by just pressing share button.

The calculation of Goods and Service Tax it not easy to done without any special software, So we provide the best application that also show how much tax will be paid.
We also have discount field on our app so user can add discount also and get specific discounted amount easily.

There are five different type of rates will be added in GST 0%,5%,12%,18% and 28%. In all this rates different items inside there that available in markets that have a specific rates for every item to be paid or cuts.For get quick payable or receivable amount in just seconds this goods and service tax app will helps you perfectly.


Just enter amount of your transaction(price).
Enter amount of discount if you need.
Select tax from dropdown manu.
You will get payable tax amount,total discounted amount and Total amount with included tax.
Save the result as an image and share it.


Easy to use for anyone.
Extra field of discount.
Gives the quick result.
Show the discounted amount.
Show the payable tax amount.
Save the calculation as an image.
Share the image with anyone.

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