Facebook's teen-only Lifestage app comes to Android

Concept / Design

Are you a teenager in high school? If the answer is no, sorry -- this next app isn't for you. After launching on the iPhone earlier this year, Facebook's "Lifestage" has landed on Android, giving youngsters another way to engage with the service. The app is a clear counter-punch to Snapchat, emphasizing quick video clips, filters and emoji. You fill out your profile by answering questions with short videos -- your favorite song, your best friend, that sort of thing. They're visible to your peers and should be updated regularly, otherwise a poop emoji will appear next to your name.

Lifestage has had little success so far. Following Slingshot, Paper and Riff, it seems destined for the App Store scrap pile. Maybe that's okay for Facebook though. These quirky, offshoot apps give the company a place to try new ideas. If they fail to find an audience, no problem -- the team can drop them and start again with something else. If, however, they start to resonate with users, Facebook can increase their resources or pull their functionality back inside one of the main apps. Snapchat is huge, but so is Instagram and Facebook Messenger -- before the company makes any bold changes, harga it makes sense to road-test them first in an app like Lifestage.

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