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Elimatta can be most easily understood as a location based blog. The idea is that people should be able to communicate with others in a shared location, in an adhoc fashion. The application centers around the concept of channels which are specific for a given geographic area, large or small. Channels permit postings, (similar to blog postings), by individuals located within the bounds of the channels geographic active region. Individuals outside the active region are only permitted to view the channel.

Some scenarios where the application might be used;

  • Amateur fishermen in the bay could use a fishing specific channel to notify other fishermen of schools of fish, or maybe just boast their catch of the day with a ‘picture post’.
  • Tourists could use the a landmark specific channel to exchange experiences and make recommendations.
  • A Hiker exploring Yosemite National Park could post a ‘placemark post’ (a post with location metadata attached) with the details of a sick sequoia tree. Park Rangers could then monitor the channel for such information. Network connectivity is not required for post creation as they will sync with the network when next available.

For more information see http://www.elimatta.com

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