EDU Blaster


A twitch based, educational math space shooter. Currently in prototype form for the Android platform and submitted to the ADC contest. Submitted for sdk version sdk_m5-rc14 (should also work on sdk_m5-rc15).

Play instructions:

  • Use the 4-directional keypad your phone to move left / right / up / down.
    Press the center button of that keypad to "fire" when you are aimed over a
    number that correctly solves the math equation in the top left corner. You
    can also use the mouse pointer to fire at targets as well.
  • When the target cursor turns yellow and begins rotating, the equation in
    the upper left is changing.
  • If you allow too many correct answers to fly off the screen, the health
    bar in the upper right will decrease a notch. Blasting a wrong number
    will also reduce your health.
  • The symbol * in the game means multiply. Also, Level 0 in the options menu is the same as Level 1, only it starts out slower for practice.
  • Blasting two or more numbers at once in the target gives an extra
    points bonus along with a pop-up message.
  • Like DDR, one creates chains of correct answers. Hence.... if one
    has answered 5 correct in a row, a pop-up message appears to confirm
    that, and one gets an increasing point bonus for each correct answer
    in a row.
  • You get a health bonus (regain some life) at certain score
  • You can scroll through menu options using the left and right key
  • If the repeat option is not set, stages advance to the next
    difficulty about every 3 minutes.
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